Inclusive Methods. Exclusive Design.
A new-school approach to a timeless practice.
Architecture & Interior design
Our Architecture and Interior Design studio, in business since 2015, is our bread and butter. Led by Kaushik Kumar, we have designed and executed dozens of projects, bringing our own flavour to each one.
In-depth Research & Design
Exploring the intersections between art and architecture, our Deep Design studio applies design thinking to domains in and beyond architecture. This allows us to work within the latest industry practices. Chandrakanth GM takes charge of this studio.
Project Management
While we apply our time-tested and watertight project management capabilities to every project, Joshy Thomas and his project management department offer these services as a standalone to other architects or builders as well.
3D & VR Studio
This studio provides cutting-edge 3D and Virtual Reality services as an add-on to any existing project. Similar to our Project Management department, this works as a modular plugin to our own projects, or as a direct service to others.
What do you get when you put two architects and an engineer to work in an office that used to be a music studio in the 80s?
An architecture and design firm that functions like a well-oiled machine.
We mix and match our in-house departments, trusted collaborators, contractors, and skilful technicians to create a highly efficient assembly chain. Each section plugs in and out at just the right point in the process.

What brings the studio heads of Design Cartel together is a shared academic and research-based experience in architecture. However, the origin stories are quite diverse. Within this company are a professional musician, a photographer, a DIY enthusiast, avid travellers, and Scotch enthusiasts. Knowledge and experience from these other creative fields trickle into the smallest design nuances.
Here’s a look at how our projects take shape:
Project Brief
We start our project with a deep dive into the collective vision.

We want to hear stories, discuss ideas, and ascertain the true nature of what we’re setting out to do, over some freshly brewed coffee.

This journey begins with going into the inspiration for the space, looking at detailed references, and putting a tentative budget together.
Once we have all the information we need and we’ve established our methodology, we get to the drawing board (and sometimes our LEGO blocks).

This stage is when we sit down with our multi-faceted and experienced collaborators to help finalise the overall project.
Once the concepts are green-lit, we will help you create and issue a Work Order, along with a list of all the finalised items that will go into the project.

A comprehensive project timeline will help everyone keep up with the project status.
We’re sticklers for detail and love an organised project.

To ensure everything is running smoothly, we supervise all collaborators, consultants, and labour. We share updates at every stage of the construction process by comparing the completed work with the project timeline.

Constant reviews and site visits are also done to ensure quality and consistency.
A final quality check of everything, including a detailed inspection will be done before all the project documents are shared.

Once all payments and paperwork are closed, the project is then added to our ever-growing portfolio of unique living, working, and commercial experiences.
Every project is an opportunity to do great work with great people.
We’re the only cartel in the world that will tell you our location.
198 Link Road, Seshadripuram
Bangalore – 560020
Karnataka, India
+91 96200 36439
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